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Our Values are based on The Oak Tree



As the seasons change turning the green leaves of the oak tree to orange, then brown, they cascade down to the ground and gradually decay. This then creates rich nutrients for the soil and the tree’s roots and underground fungi web to absorb. The oak tree is Regenerative by nature.


Being Regenerative in our productions and workshops means we use (and re-use) materials. This is achieved through hiring, repurposing, borrowing, using natural materials and techniques such as natural dying and willow weaving. All of these aim to leave the planet in an even better condition than before our projects started.




The mighty oak tree’s bark is not only strong and protective but is also Resilient to certain insects eating it due to its bitter tasting components. 


We feel it is important to create Resilient communities for children and young people in order to face the climate crisis. That is why Small Seeds provides a safe space for young humans to be creative and playful in our workshops and productions. We understand that these are essential components when facing complex and uncertain issues.




The English Oak provides a thriving Interconnected ecosystem for up to 2,300 species of flora and fauna. Each part of the tree can create a world for these species, from the majestic Purple Hairstreak butterfly that feeds on the oak’s leaves to the enigmatic Stag Beetle that builds a home in the tree's fallen limbs.

Small Seeds Theatre Company is made up of an inclusive and diverse network of practitioners from across the globe. This Interconnected network is fundamental in welcoming all children and young people to participate in our workshops and theatre productions. We encourage and thrive from this understanding of interconnection and that is why Climate Justice is at the heart of all the work we do.

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