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Dervla and Stella sitting outside enjoying the Sunshine 

Stella Cecil (founder) set up Small Seeds Theatre Company in 2020, inspired by her annual visits to Ireland to stay with her beloved godmother, the writer Dervla Murphy. Their shared anger towards the government’s ‘business as usual’ attitude and concern about apathy amongst the general public, led them to ask: ‘What can we do?’ 


Dervla wanted to visit every school in Ireland and speak to the pupils and tell them exactly what was going on. Stella wanted to use theatre and art workshops to teach children and young people about the scientific facts of the climate crisis.


They both felt that education and inspiring a sense of agency (and urgency) in young people was key to challenging the destruction that some humans are inflicting on the natural world. Sadly Dervla is unable to visit the schools due to her physical health, but her continuous support has emboldened Stella to grow Small Seeds Theatre Company and create a network of organisations and individuals who are passionate about creating a healthier planet for future generations.

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